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Publication date: 15th September 2008 by Ireland in Schools

KS2 History: New resource

Who has come to Britain, and when?
Developing questioning through timeline maps
An overview of migration to Britain in one lesson.

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This is a three-part single lesson, which is intended to give an overview of the movement to,
and settlement in, Britain by people from various parts of the world since the Romans.
    1. Starter: Where are you from?
    2. Who has come to Britain, and when?
    3. Did the Irish come only at the time of the Famine?

The lesson
(a) Enables students to begin to question some generally accepted views about  migration, (b) Provides an introduction to depth studies of immigration and settlement, such as ‘What was it like to be an Irish immigrant in Britain in the 19th century?' (by Ireland in Schools) at
(c) Encourages students to:
    use the language of movement and settlement,
    use geographical and historical questioning,
    explore personal, family and community identity,
    understand that people have come to Britain over a long period,
    place these people in time and space,
    use conventional language on the passage of time,
    challenge populist perceptions & stereotypes,
    recognise similarities & differences in human activity and motivation over time and
    understand the diverse experiences of men, women & children in past societies.

The lesson also
(d) Offers scope for work in Geography and PSHE/Citizenship,
(e) embraces fully the Every Child Matters strategy.


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