The Corn Laws and their repeal

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 17th January 2019

Time: 8.00 p.m.

Venue: Fellowship House, 136 Willifield Way, London NW11 6YP

Description: Professor Lawrence Goldman is Senior Research Fellow at St. Peter's College, Oxford where he teaches British and American modern history. From 2004-2014 he was Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. In 2014, he took up the Directorship of the Institute of Historical Research and he continues to teach regular adult classes, including classes for the Workers’ Education Association. His many publications explore facets of British and American social and political history, particularly relating to reform movements and education in the 19th Century. He is currently at work on a study of the development of social statistics and their impact on culture, politics and social thought in Britain under the title ‘Victorians and Numbers’. Professor Goldman has presented several stimulating lectures to our branch before, and we are delighted to be welcoming him back. His subject has significant relevance today in the debates raging around ‘Brexit’.

Price: Free to HA and Branch members. Non-members welcome at £3.00 per meeting.

Lecturer: Professor Lawrence Goldman, Institute of Historical Research

Region: London

Branch: Hampstead and North West London

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