The Corruption of Parliament? MPs, Money and Public Service in Modern Britain

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 21st March 2019

Time: 8.00 p.m.

Venue: Fellowship House, 136 Willifield Way, London NW11 6YP

Description: Dr Tom Crook is Senior Lecturer in Modern British History at Oxford Brookes University and has written widely on his subject. He is author of Governing Systems: Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, c. 1830–1910 (2016), and of a book edited with others entitled Evil, Barbarism and Empire: Britain and Abroad, c.1830–2000 (2011). Of direct relevance for his lecture are a journal article on Reforming voting practices in a global age: the making and remaking of the modern secret ballot in Britain, France and the United States, c.1600-c.1950 (2011) and a book chapter (with M. Esbester) entitled Risk and the History of Governing Modern Britain, c. 1800-2000 (2016). His current project is on secrecy and modernity in England, c. 1750 to 1950, and the inclusion within various systems of governance (political, legal, sexual and commercial in particular) of ‘corrupt’ elements, agents and practices – bribery, spying, prostitution and fraud, for instance. He argues that “Paradoxically, it was elements of this sort, otherwise thought of as evil and pathological, which allowed these systems to function at all – that, at least, is the working hypothesis!”.

Price: Free to HA and Branch members. Non-members welcome at £3.00 per meeting.

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