Hannibal and the Punic Wars

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 21st February 2019

Time: 8 pm

Venue: Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way, NW11 6YD

Description: Dr Carey Fleiner is currently Senior Lecturer in Classical and Early Medieval History at the University of Winchester. Her formal studies include Roman and medieval history, Latin, and Classical guitar at the University of Delaware and post-graduate studies elsewhere in Carolingian and Roman history. Dr Fleiner’s publications are on a wider range of subjects than we often see! She has written, spoken, and published academic pieces on the Kinks including The Kinks: A Thoroughly English Phenomenon (Rowman, 2017). Other publications include a chapter on the portrayal of the Emperor Nero in the television programme ‘Doctor Who’ (Doctor Who and History: A Cultural Perspective, Carey Fleiner and Dene October, eds., McFarland, 2017), the somewhat tempestuous relationship between the Emperor Nero and his mother Agrippina the Younger (in Royal Mothers and their Ruling Children: Wielding Political Authority from Antiquity to the Early Modern Era, Vol. 1, Carey Fleiner and Elena Woodacre, eds., Palgrave, 2016), the reputation of popular musicians in 13th century medieval Europe (The British Museum Citole: New Perspectives: British Museum Research Publication, James Robinson and Naomi Speakman, eds., British Museum, 2015). Forthcoming publications include A Writer's Guide to...Ancient Rome (for Manchester University Press) and Commemoration, Competition, and Classical Reception in the Carolingian Court: The Poetry of Ermoldus Nigellus (Liverpool University Press). Our branch has enjoyed Dr Fleiner’s lectures before; she has told us that the first lecture she gave to a HA branch on arriving in the UK was to ours, and we are delighted to be seeing her again.

How to book: No booking required

Price: £3

Tel: 07793229521

Email: jeremyberkoff@mac.com

Organiser: Jeremy Berkoff, Chairman

Lecturer: Dr Carey Fleiner

Region: London

Branch: Hampstead and North West London

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