History Education International Research Network (HEIRNET) Conference 2019

HEIRNET 16th International Conference

Public History, Historical Culture, Identity, and Pedagogy

Event Type: HA

Takes Place: 2nd September 2019

Venue: University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Description: HEIRNET is a forum for a research-based discourse on history educational theory, scholarship, policy, and practice as reflected in the conference’s 5 areas and their 21 themes and over 200 separate strands. The conference's 5 areas are Public History; Historical Culture & Identity; Pedagogy: Critical Displinary Thinking & the Teaching of History; The Teaching of History; and Researching History Education. The conference themes reflect the 21st century’s resurgent threat to Liberalism from Populism. Populist educational policies and nationalistic history curricula are often ideologically and religiously rooted in extremist beliefs and attitudes that discount Liberal democratic culture and educational practice. History education involves understanding the causes of change and contemplation on morality, identity, international, and comparative perspectives, and the skills of evaluating evidence and interpretations.

Price: The conference full fee of £300.00 (£150.00 for students) includes refreshments, a reception, lunch on day two, and the conference dinner.

Website: https://heirnetonline.com/heirnet-2019-conference/

Organiser: HEIRNET


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