Churchill’s Great Game: Rethinking the Long-Term Origins of the Cold War

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 1st October 2019

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA

Description: This talk will investigate the paradox that, whereas we know a great deal about Churchill’s attitude to the Soviet Union, we know very little about his attitude to Russia. It argues that Churchill’s view of the USSR needs to be understood in the context of his views of traditional Anglo-Russian tensions and the legacy of the Great Game. It explores how his conceptions of the European balance of power, international order, and ‘Western civilisation’ influenced war-time Anglo-Soviet diplomacy and the early phases of the Cold War.

How to book: The Arts Institute Plymouth University T: 01752 585050 E: Buy tickets online:

Price: Free for national or local members of the Historical Association, and for University of Plymouth students. Visitor tickets: £6.00, concessions £4.00.

Tel: 01503 230106



Organiser: Alan H. Cousins

Lecturer: Professor Richard Toye (University of Exeter)

Comments: Followed by a drinks reception

Region: South-West England

Branch: Plymouth

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