Webinar: Using evidence-informed practice effectively: do and don’t

Series: Developing your History Department

Event Type: CPD

Takes Place: 7th November 2019

Time: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Venue: Online

Description: This webinar is part of the Historical Association series on Developing Your History Department. It will be led by Hugh Richards from the HA Secondary Committee and Huntington School, a Research School in York.

How to book: Complete the attached booking form

Price: £50.00 HA member, £65.00 non-member (plus VAT)

Tel: 0300 100 0223

Email: maheema.chanrai@history.org.uk

Website: https://www.history.org.uk/secondary/categories/591/news/3705/ha-webinar-series-developing-your-history-departm

Lecturer: Hugh Richards

Comments: Discounted rates are available if you book 3 or more webinars in this series. Contact Maheema Chanrai for more information.


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