HA Webinar: Weaving African history into the primary curriculum

Diversity in the primary history curriculum

Event Type: CPD

Takes Place: 8th June 2021

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Online

Description: This practical webinar will show how to give greater prominence to African history in the primary curriculum, extending coverage beyond Black History Month. Examples will be given from NC units on Ancient Egypt (particularly the so-called black pharaohs of Nubia), Ancient Benin, the impact of the Muslim conquest of North Africa (when Baghdad was at the height of its power) and the experience of Africans serving the British Empire in the world wars of the 20th century. Suggested content choices will be expressed as rigorous enquiry questions linked to second order concepts for incorporation into medium-term plans.

How to book: Book for this webinar only on Eventbrite using the link below, or book multiple webinars in the series at a discount at: https://www.history.org.uk/go/diversity-webinars-form

Price: £10 HA member, £15 non-member (plus VAT/fees)

Email: events@history.org.uk

Website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/133228296421

Lecturer: Andrew Wrenn

Comments: This webinar is part of the Historical Association series Diversity in the primary history curriculum. A discount is available if you book multiple webinars in the series. For more information see www.history.org.uk/go/primary-diversity-series


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