Victors' Justice: The Nuremberg Trial and its Legacies

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 10th April 2024

Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: The Riverside Centre

Description: In this lecture, Professor Biddiss will consider the dilemmas faced by the victors at the end of the Second World War as they sought to reach inter-Allied consensus about prosecution and punishment of the defeated Nazi leadership. He will then discuss the proceedings eventually conducted at Nuremberg in 1945/6, described by one of the British judges as “the greatest trial in history”. After reviewing the positive achievements of the International Military Tribunal in condemning the Nazi regime, he will highlight those weaknesses of planning and implementation that contributed to limiting the effectiveness of the longer-term aims which Nuremberg was also intended to fulfil. The talk will conclude by emphasising the ways in which the Trial’s legacy has remained highly relevant to global concerns over war crimes and “crimes against humanity” during the decades since 1945, leading to the formation of a permanent International Criminal Court (operative since 2002) and to even more recent debates over Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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Organiser: Isle of Wight branch of Historical Association

Lecturer: Professor Michael Biddiss, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Reading

Region: South-East England

Branch: Isle of Wight

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