Civil Religion in the Enlightenment

Event Type: Branch

Takes Place: 20th March 2024

Time: 7pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Description: In western societies, we tend to think that modernisation implies secularism: that religion should be separate from politics, church from state, and our private beliefs from public life. Historians, social theorists, and political philosophers point to the Enlightenment as the dawn of secular modernity, especially the American Federal Constitution (1787) and the French Revolution. However, leading Enlightenment philosophers and so many of the revolutionaries who drove events in America and France believed that religion was inseparable from politics and that, even if there should not be an established church, the state and public life must be infused with shared Christian and religious ritual. As I will argue, they instituted civil religions - attempts to regulate religion through state legislation - that shape western politics to the present day. Dr Walsh`s book "Civil Religion and the Enlightenment in England 1707-1800" 2020

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Organiser: Cardiff Branch HA

Lecturer: Dr Ashley Walsh

Region: Wales

Branch: Cardiff

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