Secondary HA Conference 2019 resources

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Published: 23rd May 2019

The resources in this section are from workshops presented for Secondary teachers at the HA Annual Conference 2019. The conference took place in Chester on 17-18 May 2019.

The HA Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to join the history community on a weekend of expert CPD and engaging history. In the Secondary pathway you can hear from the experts behind the Teaching History articles and textbooks on the best strategies to support your students and discover new ways to approach your teaching. Download the 2019 programme below and register your interest for 2020 at

The resources published here are the property of the workshop presenters and publication does not necessarily imply the HA’s approval of the opinions expressed in the session or its resources. Workshop presenters were asked to confirm that the work presented was their own, that all contributors were properly acknowledged and that they had permission to use any other exemplar materials.

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  • Education keynote: Inspecting the history curriculum under the new inspection framework (EIF) 2019
  • Beyond 'so what!?' explanations: modelling academic causal arguments for students
  • Making people in the past meaningful and memorable 
  • Sink or swim: how can we help students who are swamped by the new GCSE?
  • The changing history of mental health: period knowledge at Key Stage 3 to support GCSE
  • Finding the ‘next level’ with sources in the history classroom
  • What does ‘useful’ even mean?: Taking another look at A-level source questions
  • ‘Activated stereotyping: an alternative view to source analysis and the antidote to fake news
  • Should I simply focus on exam questions to teach interpretations well at GCSE?
  • Back to the drawing board with Key Stage 3
  • Modelling the discipline: how can Yasmin Khan's use of evidence enable us to teach a more global history of World War II?
  • Teaching about conflict, art and memory
  • Bringing the untold stories of black Tudors into the classroom
  • Revitalising Key Stage 3