Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians by Gary Northfield

Young Quills Reviews

Published 20th March 2018

1.  By Felix

I enjoyed this book.  I particularly liked when Julius and his friends got stuck in a tomb and a dung beetle helps them find their way out and the Egyptians mistook Julius as an Egyptian god named Heter which I thought was funny. The history was realistic because it had lots of statues and pyramids just like in the real Egypt and you may learn some things by reading it. I want to read more books by this author because I love history. This book is really funny because in all the pictures the animals have their mouths open and their eyes in different directions. I would recommend this book to Key stage 2 children and anybody that likes ancient Egypt.


2.  By Joseph

One of the things I enjoy about this book is the comic at the front of the 3rd book. It shows a little of what has happened over the last two books. The 3rd book is also hilariously funny and I'm sure the other books the other two books are too. The author (Gary Northfield) has written other books as well as the Julius Zebra series. If I were to pick a number from 1 to 10 I would give it an 11! It's a great book and I would really like to read the other books. I have only read the 3rd book but I will read them as soon as possible. If I were you I would choose it as the winner- all in all 5 stars!


3.  By Louis

I enjoyed this book because it was really funny in some of the parts of the book. I particularly  liked the character Brutus because he was the funniest character in the book.  The book did seem realistic because of all the facts, but not Julius, his brother,mum,friends, Imhotep and Hadrian who were all fictional.  I would love to read more books by this author because I really enjoyed The 'Entangled with the Egyptians' book because  it was extremely funny and I really enjoyed reading it.


4.  By Snigdha

This book is set in Egypt, with the extremely humourous characters: Julius, Brutus and Cornelius. The characters have very unusual personality but fit together well .The plot is starts when Julius arrives at the place where he was born and the people get mistaken that he is the horse god {Heter}.I would recommend this book a lot to 9-10 year olds as it is incredibly funny and includes enriching vocabulary. In this book you can learn hieroglyphics and roman numerals because of the page numbers and the end of the book the last pages explain the hieroglyphics in a way which is easy to understand. I personally enjoyed this book, because it was really funny and had a great plot in it. This book has a lot of illustrations which makes the whole story more clear and lucid to read. To conclude I would give this book a rating of 5/5.


5.  By Izzy

I didn't enjoy this book because there were too many names to remember and at some points it just didn't make any sense. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under the age of 8 as it can be quite confusing. It was a little bit funny but not very. It wasn't like a history book as there weren't many facts. Although I didn't like the story, I liked the illustrations for they were very detailed. This book is about a zebra named Julius who goes to sea with his friends for a battle with his arch enemy (Septimus).Whilst Julius and his best friend Cornelius are suffering from the storm, Brutus (Julius's brother) is relaxing in the bunker below playing a board game with Lucia the crocodile, Felix the antelope and Rufus the giraffe. Unfortunately there's a storm and Julius and his friends get washed up on the beaches of Egypt. My favourite character is Brutus as he is really funny and at one part of the story he found some old smelly seaweed and used it as a wig. My favourite part of the story is when Felix, the rock collecting antelope, steals a cursed gem from a tomb and they have to go on a mission to return the gem. I didn't find this book interesting as it talked a lot about the same thing which made it quite boring. Altogether I would give this book a 2/10.


6. By Bela

I enjoyed reading Julius Zebra because of all the amazing illustrations and words.  My favourite character is Julius.  I love the words he used for Julius's actions.  I think the history about Heter is not true but the tomb of Cleopatra has been found and Cleopatra was true.

This book made me want to find out more about history and this book made me want to get all of Gary Northfield's books.  There was nothing in this story I didn't like.  I thought the history in this book was so funny the way he put it.  When I was half-way through the story I had a thought in my head and it was, 'Will Julius ever be alright without the Egyptians knowing who he really is?' 

This book asks you so many questions and gives so many answers which is good! I love this book so much I want to buy them all. I think Gary Northfield is an amazing writer.


7. By Bess

I thought Julius Zebra was a fantastic book with super illustrations. 

My favourite characters are Brutus and Julius because both are extremely funny.  You will love them! 

The history in this book was very good because the book tells you about how the Egyptians lived.  I would like to learn more about the Egyptians because I am interested in how you might become a pharaoh in Egyptian times.  I would like to read a lot more books by Gary Northfield because he writes very funny lines in his books. 

If you want to see how Julius Zebra became pharaoh and learn what the terrible curse was, read the book!


8. By Mira

Julius Zebra is a very funny book which shows how a group of animals go from being washed up on the shore to being worshipped in a temple. I greatly enjoyed it and my favourite character was Julius' brother, Brutus, because he wouldn't go anywhere without his wig of seaweed!

I think the history wasn't very realistic because only very few parts were true, but it did make me want to find out more about what actually happened and I wanted to read more by this author; he is so funny!

I liked how it showed that when things look like they are the worst, they might be the best!


9. By Haydn

A zebra is an ordinary zebra but when it goes to Egypt it becomes a Pharoah (the Egyptians think that).

The word level and illustrations were just right. I liked Chapter 21 best because it's really funny because they dress up as mummies. I didn't like chapter 23 because it's so small! I would highly recommend this.


10. By Ruby

I enjoyed this book so much I went out and bought the first book in the series (It was the last one on the book shelf.)

It was mostly all fun (except the epilogue). All the characters were amusing, especially Brutus the one who wears a seaweed wig. 

The adventure took them to Egypt and the mouse was very funny, he was basically like a mini ninja! 

I've studied the Egyptians at school and the history rang true although I wasn't quite sure if it's really true that  Heter was a real horse God, although there was a statue of him.

The speech bubbles were amazing and made me laugh. 

I liked Felix because he's fascinated by rocks and he'd never out away the diamond even though it's cursed! 


11. By Lottie

A book from the Julius Zebra series of books.

You may have already met Julius Zebra from previous books. He was a gladiator champion and rebel of the Roman empire. He made sure the Romans left Britainia and freed animals gladiators from amphitheatres across Europe.

On a mission to catch Septimus, the animal trainer, Julius and his friends set off an a voyage across the sea. They did not expect luck to turn against them and that they end up on the shore of Ancient Egypt.

Julius' luck turns again when the friends are discovered and he is mistaken for a horse god. Adventures begin! He bathes in donkey's milk and crowned Pharaoh of Egypt. But just how long can this last? As always there's no place like home and a mum to sort you .


12.  By Corinne

This is a funny and interesting book ideal for anyone aged 6-12 who likes a good story, embedded with facts from the real world .

With many pictures and witty tale twists it is guaranteed to make you crack up.

Although it is part of a series of books they do not refer to each other too much and you can understand what is going on through the book clearly.

The book is broken down into many bitesize chapters and has cartoon drawings and captions to go along with the story.

I recommend this book to those who like adventure stories which make you laugh.


13.  By Harriet

I enjoyed this book because I thought it was really funny. In the book I thought that the chapter called 'bath time' was the best part. I thought that the history in the book was realistic as I thought that the god was real. I explored the history more at school and I wanted to read more books by this author. I thought the book was brilliant.


14.  By Cindy

In my opinion, Julius Zebra was a very enjoyable book with a lot of fun and adventure.  I like how the author included a glossary and facts at the end. I loved the comic themed introduction and the concept of this book.  I would recommend this book for readers aged 8 and over.


15. By Claire

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to read this book which has taught me not to waste my opportunities. I really enjoy this book it was about a zebra who became a Pharoah to Roman. I think it is the exactly the same story as Julius Caesar but instead of having Julius Caesar we had a zebra be a crew of animals instead of a crew of people also known as humans.


16.  By Eddie

I think it was really funny, especially when Brutus (should be a Debra) made the chariot tip over just to get a bunch of seaweed and when Julius the brown ball was poo! In other words, an amazing book. 

17. By Joe

I thought this book was fabulousJ. My favourite scene was when they were on the ship because it was dramatic and intense. I thought the history in the book was a little bit true and it makes me want to know more about ancient Egypt. It makes me want to read more of Gary Northfield's books.

18. By Oliver

Julius Zebra is a story set in Ancient Egypt which tells a tale about a zebra called Julius who chases after a villain but, gets shipwrecked in Egypt. The Egyptian soldiers think that Julius is a horse god called Heter because they believed he brought the rain to their land. With Julius letting them believe it, this could surely only lead trouble!!

 I really enjoyed reading this story as it was exciting to find out what happened to Julius in his adventure. My favourite character was Milus the Lion who was Julius's friend as he was very funny in the story. Even though I liked the book, I thought I wasn't quite historically correct as everyone knows that zebras can't talk, and it's impossible to be a horse god!! I did think that the Author used a lot of good imagination and because of this, I would definitely read more of his books. I would rate this story 4 out of 5.

19. By Jack

I found parts of this book hard to follow so I think it could be for 10 years and over. It was funny in places but may be it wasn't my sense of humour. I liked the part about Brutus when he got seaweed as a wig. There were some interesting characters but really too many of them.

 I don't think I would recommend the book. I'm just not sure though. I think I would read it again and see if more of it made sense to me the second time.