Are we there yet? Women as equals in a modern world

Women's History Month

Paula Kitching, published 8th March 2017

Podcasts: The Women's Movement

For International Women’s Day and Women’s History month we are releasing our podcasts on: The Women’s Movement - Social and Political Change in the UK 1800-present.

In the UK during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries women in organised groups began to challenge the world around them. They fought to be recognised, to have an equal access to society and to be able to make their own choices.

The battle for women’s rights was not an easy one, the battle for the change in attitudes even harder. Men and women have campaigned against that equality just as women and men have campaigned for it. In this podcast we can learn about the battles that those before us fought and the strength of those that were determined to change society for the better.

The journey towards women’s rights is not over – millions of women around the world continue to be treated as second class citizens, bought and sold or simply ignored. Even in the developed world women are still routinely paid less than their male counterparts, subject to discrimination, sexism and objectification.  By releasing these podcasts we hope that the role of women’s movements are celebrated for their activities but we also hope it will act as an inspiration for women and men today to continue the fight for equality of choice, equality of treatment and to simply not become complacent.