Congratulations to all A-Level History Students

Published 16th August 2018

Whatever the outcome, getting this far along the qualification ladder is something to be proud of. Studying history can be tough – it is a subject that requires its students to have a good in-depth knowledge on many issues, themes and subjects, and to be able to critique, evaluate, assess and apply understanding to that knowledge. Not to mention knowing how to research, remember things of significance and develop organisational skills.

All these things can provide a good grounding for any number of careers or for further study. History is a great way to study something interesting and useful. Whatever you choose to do with your history A-Level we wish you every success and the HA will always be here to help support your love of history in any capacity.

Follow the links below to find out more about careers in history or read our guides for undergraduates, including FAQs on transition to university and what to expect when you choose to study history: