HA Secondary Survey 2019

History teachers – help us represent you and respond to your needs

Have your say on history teaching in the UK and make your voice the voice for history!

The annual HA secondary survey for 2019 is now open – please take part and help us get the best picture of secondary history teaching. The link to the survey is at the bottom of this page.

We use the information you provide each year to make sure the HA has an up-to-date picture of history teaching across the country and can reflect the views of its members in responding (for example) to government consultations and in campaigning for necessary resources. With different pressures on schools at different times and sometimes in different places it is important that we keep up to date on what is happening across the country, in the different types of schools for the diversity within the teaching profession.

What is the impact of Ofsted’s new framework?

We are aware of the potential impact of Ofsted’s new education inspection framework and would like to hear from you about the effect it is having on curriculum planning, teacher workload and the position of history in your school. We are continuing to monitor experiences of the GCSE qualifications now that we have seen a second cohort through the exam. We're keen to hear about your experience of the specifications so that we can identify key issues facing teachers.

In response to the Royal Historical Society's Report on Race, Ethnicity and Equality in UK History we have included a particular focus on diversity. We are interested in hearing about the uptake of history in your school by students of different backgrounds, as well as changes you may have made to your curriculum to include a more diverse representation of people in the past.

We remain very aware of the financial pressures many schools are facing and we are continuing to monitor the impact of these pressures on the number of teachers teaching outside their subject specialism, and on teachers' access to relevant CPD. Please tell us how these pressures are impacting (or not) on your teaching and the school environment.

Help us argue on your behalf

Getting a clear picture of exactly what is happening to school history enables us to represent your views and respond to your needs as effectively as possible. So please complete the survey as fully as you can, and please let your colleagues in other schools know about the survey – the more information we have, the more powerfully we can argue on your behalf!

The anonymised answers you provide will be used to compile the HA's annual report on history in secondary schools and may also be drawn on by the authors in responding to DfE consultations and in research publications about issues in history education. You are, in effect, adding to the historical record by taking part in the survey.

Win £100 of book tokens

You do not have to be a member of the HA to participate in the survey. To thank you for your input, all respondents are invited to enter a prize draw to win £100 of book tokens.

The survey will close on Monday 30 September. Please take part via the link below and don’t forget to share it with colleagues in other schools: