Young Historian Awards 2019 – Winners

Annual competition, HA and The Spirit of Normandy Trust

Published 16th September 2019

Each year the Historical Association partners with The Spirit of Normandy Trust to award young historians who have shown excellent knowledge and demonstrated historical argument around a subject associated with a series of themes. The competition is divided into age brackets and the entry at secondary level is by essay judged by a team of independent educators and experts. The entry at Primary level can be by school and group project.

We are happy to announce that the 2019 winners are:

  • Spirit of Normandy Trust Senior
    Elizabeth Lotery, King Edward VI School, Southampton

  • Spirit of Normandy Trust Key Stage 3
    Arwen Kennedy, Dollar Academy, Scotland

  • Spirit of Normandy Trust Primary
    William Huckle, St George’s International School, Luxembourg

  • World War One – Key Stage 3
    Max and Josh Kamalarajah, Wallace High School, Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Mariam Asim, Abbey School, Reading
    Miranda Sampson-Hudson, Abbey School, Reading

  • World War One – GCSE level
    Reuben Bond, Kirkham Grammar School, Lancashire

  • Local History – Key Stage 3
    Lauren Rae, Dollar Academy, Scotland

  • Local History – GCSE Level
    Aaron Gillett, Wilson’s School, Wallington, Surrey

  • Modern World Studies – GCSE level
    Daisy Zhou, Concord College, Shropshire

  • Best School History Magazine
    St Albans School
    Stockport Grammar School