Politics present and past

Shedding historical light on elections

Published: 2nd December 2019

12th December

No, not the half way point in Advent or the beginning of a panic shopping weekend, but that day of the General Election!

General Elections are a time for political debate, examination of ideological decision-making, grand plans and tackling important national issues… At least that is what General Elections are supposed to be about; they are also supposed to be in spring or early summer and every five years. So to have an election just less than two weeks from Christmas and for it to be the third General Election in five years is pretty unusual.

And while we have no desire to influence you politically one way or the other on how you should vote (though you absolutely should vote), we do think it would be remiss to not mention the election at all.

So if you find yourself dealing with the present by hiding yourself in the past, or more constructively if you would like a previous example of influential politics to make you feel interested or inspired by previous elections or the process of electoral reform, then we have some resources for you.

Oh and if you think politics must be simpler elsewhere – then a little phrase like ‘impeachment proceedings’ might remind you that often it’s not!

What we are not going to do however, is actually discuss politics or mention any of the large white elephants currently sitting in the General Election room – that’s for you to do.