The Unremembered: World War One's Army of Workers

Schools nationwide commemoration project

Published 23rd June 2017

Remembering the Labour Corps

In 2017, schools can take part in a nationwide commemoration project to remember the Labour Corps of the First World War. The Labour Corps came from across the world - China, India, South Africa, the UK and many other lands - to provide vital support for the war effort. They often faced discrimination. They are The Unremembered. 

The Big Ideas Community Interest Company is offering free resources to support schools running projects on the Labour Corps. A generic and India-specific resource pack are available, alongside access to a database with the location of over 5,700 Labour Corps graves in the UK, archive readings, workshop materials and more. Big Ideas also provides small-scale funding for projects to community groups and schools in the UK.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Unremembered team at 

The Unremembered is publicly funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government