The Unremembered: Passchendaele

Schools nationwide research project

Published 23rd June 2017

Students discover Passchendaele graves in their own locality

Schools across the UK are invited to join a nationwide research project to discover the lives of British soldiers who fought at the Battle of Passchendaele, but who died of their wounds in the UK.

Students are empowered to become researchers into their own local history by discovering Passchendaele graves in their own locality, commemorating them and sharing the project with their local community. Free resources are available, including an Action Map, a how to research guide, and a database with possible Passchendaele graves in the UK. 

Register your interest and receive free resources for the project by emailing 

Big Ideas is looking for a London school to run a pilot of the Passchendaele project with between 14-20 July. If you would be interested then please contact the team at