Poland visit - invitation to HA Members

Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Published 14th July 2017

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland are happy to announce and cordially invite members of Historical Association to an educator’s four-day trip to Poland at the end of August.

The trip is designed for authors of British history textbooks, editors and secondary school history teachers, with the purpose of increasing knowledge of Poland’s history in a way that will profit both history teachers and students in the classroom.

The program is intended to increase knowledge of Poland’s history for key educators in the United Kingdom. For this reason, the trip is designed to provide a brief overview of Polish history also in the context of the broader history of Central Europe. The program of the trip will especially focus on topics of particular interest to the modern educator: Poland during the interwar years, World War II in Poland, Poland during the Cold War, and developments in post-1989 Poland. The history of Polish-Jewish relations and the Polish experience during the Second World War will be highlighted.

Over the centuries Poland has played an important role in many of Europe’s most important movements and historical phenomena, from the Christianization of Europe to the fall of Communism in the Eastern Bloc. With Poland’s role in shaping the political and economic landscape in Europe on the ascent, increased knowledge of this country surely would be of great interest to students as well as teachers.

All organizational aspects of the program will be arranged by the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. Careful attention is paid to optimizing each participant’s experience and the group’s size will therefore be limited to 5-6 participants.

Please see PDF download below for more details.