HA Coronavirus response

Published: 17th March 2020

2020 Annual Conference goes virtual in November

Because of the ongoing risks to adults meeting in large groups, rather than cancelling this year's conference we have decided to hold it virtually, from 11-14 November 2020. We will be keeping many of the speakers and workshops that were originally scheduled for HA Conference in May 2020, with pre-recorded lecture and workshop choices plus live Q&As and discussion groups. Find out more and register your interest here.

HA staff available by email

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the HA is following government advice and all our staff are now working from home.

We are available by email. If you have a general enquiry contact us using enquiries@history.org.uk or if the query is in relation to membership please email membership@history.org.ukAlternatively you can call 0300 100 0223.

The safety of all our members and followers is paramount and we will be updating our procedures and plans regularly.

Upcoming events

We are following the latest advice and have decided to postpone any face-to-face events that were planned until 2021, and will review events scheduled for after that nearer to the time in line with Government recommendations. All events will be updated on our website as soon as possible. 

Branch talks and events through to the end of the current programme have been postponed. All HA branches will be following this advice and adjusting their programmes accordingly.

Our webinar programme will continue to be delivered as normal.

Starting now and continuing over the coming months, we are also creating a virtual HA branch full of history talks. Some of these will be pre-recorded, and some will allow you the opportunity to listen live and pitch your questions to the historian presenting. For pre-recorded talks, in some instances the presenter has agreed to offer a live Q&A session on Twitter. Your HA virtual branch will be open to all – whether you are a member or not; for general interest, teachers and students alike.

More resources available online

The HA is in a fortunate position that many of our resources and activities are available digitally and we will therefore continue to work and provide our resources to our members and to the teaching and history community. Webinars will continue to delivered and podcasts and resources will continue to be published.

We are collating resources for schools, colleges and our branches as well as general membership to be able to use remotely, and we will also be making many resources available for free – see links below.

In addition we are also exploring how some of our resources can be made available for parents to use with their children at home and for people forced into self-isolation. Measures are being put in place to support branches with online activities if needed.

Primary resources to support you during COVID-19

To support primary teachers, parents and pupils through school closure, we have put together a selection of open access resources to help you through this period, and we will be making further resources open access in 2 weeks’ time. Access the resources here

Secondary resources to support you during COVID-19

To support both you and your students in Years 10-13 we have put together a package of open access resources to help you through this period, and will be making further resources open access in 2 weeks’ time. Also look out further details of a programme of bi-weekly webinar broadcasts coming very soon. Access the resources here

Virtual HA branch

Find out more here