The Legacy of the Crusades

Lecture - HA Annual Conference 2016

Professor Jonathan Phillips, last updated: 3rd January 2017

Memory, myth and misuse in the Modern Age

The Legacy of the Crusades: memory, myth and misuse in the Modern Age - Jonathan Phillips, Royal Holloway, University of London

This podcast was recorded at the HA Annual Conference 2016 which took place at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate.

This talk explored the contrasting memories and legacies of the Crusades in the modern age. It examined nineteenth-century Europe’s revived interest in crusading through literature and art, coupled with a growing Western presence in the Near East. Alongside this, Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt (1798) sparked powerful memories of the Crusades in the Muslim world.  The apparent continuation of earlier holy wars emerged as an important theme in resisting the West, finding clearer form in the twentieth century through Arab Nationalism (with Nasser and Assad) and also Islamism, moving down to the present day rhetoric of ISIS.

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