Film: First World War campaigns in eastern Africa

HA Keynote Lectures 2016

Paula Kitching, published 24th July 2016

Keynote lecture from Edward Paice

We know about the Western Front, some of us even know about the events in the Middle East during the First World War, but most people know very little about how the war played out in East Africa. Approximately 1 million civilians died as a result of the battles, intentional destruction of harvests and the campaigns fought across the European controlled lands of East Africa. The fighting was short and brutal. There were no fixed fronts and instead it is a campaign of mobility – the exact opposite of what is happening in Europe. Despite the thousands of British troops that fought there it has slipped into the shadows that are created by the trenches of Flanders. Fortunately we have tried to bring this past to your attention and here is Edward Paice providing a detailed yet inevitable overview of what happened in East Africa during the First World War.

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