Key Stage 2

Melanie Jones, published 24th November 2015

The Key Stage 2 curriculum consists of both content and skills and we need to make it a coherent whole.

The content consists of British units:

  • Stone Age and Iron Age;
  • Roman Britain,
  • Anglo- Saxons and Vikings,
  • as well as an extended chronological knowledge beyond 1066

Non-British units:

  • an ancient Civilisation,
  • a non- European Society,
  • the impact of the Ancient Greeks

Don’t forget your local history unit too; either taught separately or incorporated into other British units. The trick is to sequence your teaching in a way as to help children build up a coherent picture of history- both British and world: do they fit together? What are the similarities? What are the differences? Use the flexibility offered by KST2 curriculum to develop your own comprehensive history curriculum.

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