Young Quills 2012/13 Primary List

Young Quills

Last updated: 20th November 2015

‘Young Quills' Award for Historical Fiction is in two categories - Primary and Secondary. It is the only book award as far as we know where children help produce the shortlist.

Criteria for inclusion in the award are:

  • Books must be first published in 2012
  • They must fall firmly into historical fiction
  • A good read is important
  • A sense of history is more important than precise factual information

The Primary List is:




Bradman, Tom & Tony

Titanic: Death on the Water

The National Archives / A & C Black, London

Gerrard, KA (illus.Dodd, E)

An Egyptian Escape


Holland, James

Duty Calls: Battle of Britain


Hunter, Dan

Quest of the Gods: Attack of the Scorpion Riders


Meloy, Maile

The Apothecary

Andersen Press

Mitchelhill, Barbara

Road to London

Andersen Press

Osborne, William

Hitler's Angels

Chicken House

Paver, Michelle

Gods and Warriors


Rix, Megan

The Great Escape


Scarrow, Simon

Gladiator Street Fighter



Students have been busy up and down the country, and at an International School in Spain, reading and reviewing the books. These are just some of the reviews we have received. The winners will be announced in June.