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By HA, last updated 4 January 2021, published 6th April 2020

Resource sharing hub for home learning

The HA is here for you during the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19, acting as a hub to share the FREE home and remote learning resources the history community has developed.  Our primary committee has been working hard to put together a selection of practical and engaging activities that can be completed at home, particularly for those who are teaching via distance learning as term begins. We will post to the sharing hub activities and resources to support effective learning in history. 

Schemes of Work

HA schemes of work cover all curriculum units and include key learning objectives, content, lesson ideas, resource suggestions and more. Some of the schemes are also fully-resourced. They are written by primary history education experts and provide the perfect balance of developing knowledge and key skills as they apply to history.

We have published the following schemes of work open access which you can download and follow with pupils or your children at home:

Key Stage 2: Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Scots Settlement in Britain
In this unit children can be introduced to the idea that people from other societies have been coming to Britain for a long time. They can learn about some of the tensions involved in the settlement as well as ways of life and matters that impact on us still. Links can be made with other societies that contributed to the formation of the United Kingdom and how Saxons, Vikings and Scots contributed to the development of institutions, culture and ways of life in the country.

Key Stage 2: the Shang Dynasty (includes adapted home learning version)
In this unit children can be introduced to evidence of the Shang Dynasty in China from the tomb of Fu Hao, dated around 1250BC and discovered in 1976. They can use the evidence to find out about the Shang, but also to find out what we can’t tell about the Shang from one grave, thereby opening up other areas of enquiry.

Key Stage 1: Significant Individuals: Walter Tull
Pupils will look at the childhood and football career of Walter Tull, what happened to him when he fought in World War I and why he was different from most people of his time. They will compare his experiences to issues and people still relevant today including the double Olympian gold medallist boxer, Nicola Adams. This unit plan includes opportunities for teachers to link this history unit with their English, science and PSHE lessons.

EYFS Scheme of Work
Many children within the EYFS will have younger and/or older siblings who they will see being involved in activities at a different level. This can be used to extend the children’s learning and understanding of themselves and the world around them. This unit covers enquiries including: How have I changed since I was a baby? Why do we wear different clothes at different times of the year? What are our favourite celebrations each year? 

Schemes with home learning versions:

HA members can also access the following schemes of work with home learning adaptations:

Key Stage 1: George Stephenson and the development of the railways

Key Stage 1: Grace O'Malley

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Primary History magazine

You can also access our open access editions of Primary History:

Members can access the full back catalogue here or view our article guide covering all topics.

History podcasts

Plus we have made a selection of our subject knowledge podcasts open access to help you to develop your knowledge as it applies to topics taught at primary level including:

Our usual programme of Primary webinars is also continuing.

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