NEW for Interactive Whiteboard Indus Traders Way Quiz Board Game

New Classroom Resource

Last updated: 4th April 2016

Eligible for Curriculum Online elc's

Up to 4 teams or players travel to Indus cities far & wide loading trade goods on 'carts or boats'. 90 cross- curricular quiz questions provided. As a teacher-led whole class activity you can recap on the Unit.

Add questions and chance events !
Children can research & write sets of Quiz ?'s & chance events, to save & input on screen. They can barter "trade" goods on screen, promoting negotiation and discussion. "A very flexible and powerful learning tool,  ICT at its' best"- Education Manager, UK Historical Association.

Class Projects and Research: Question writing & numerous supporting activities can integrate the game in class projects. Also for 2- 4 players on a PC. Choose screen questions, or play with cards using screen board. Printable resources can be used for a traditional board game.