Webinar series: Teaching British history that extends chronological knowledge beyond 1066

HA webinar series for primary teachers

We are pleased to announce a new series of webinars designed to support teachers preparing the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum requirement for pupils to study either an overview of historical development from 1066 to the present or a significant turning point from that time frame. Each webinar will give an academic outline of the content supporting National Curriculum and Ofsted expectations for teaching in greater depth. The content will be presented around rigorous historical enquiry questions linked to second order concepts of disciplinary knowledge such as cause and consequence. Each webinar will constitute a possible medium term plan with some suggested activities. Links to useful resources will also be given.

Each of the webinars can be attended on their own or as a series.


Each webinar will take place from 4-5pm. For all webinars we recommend listening live in order to interact with the presenter(s), but if you are unable to participate live then a recording link will be made available to all registered delegates within 2 working days.

  1. How has warfare changed over time?* (20 September 2021)
  2. How have medicine and public health changed over time? (5 October 2021)
  3. How did civil rights develop in Britain over time? (17 November 2021)
  4. Why was evacuation during the Second World War such a significant experience for British children? (30 November 2021)
  5. How significant were the first railways? (7 December 2021)
  6. How significant was the Spanish Armada? (11 January 2022)
  7. How has the monarchy changed over time? (24 January 2022)
  8. How has crime and punishment changed from the Anglo-Saxons to the present? (7 February 2022)

Booking options and costs

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