Medlicott Medal


Last updated: 31st May 2016

Outstanding services to history

Our annual award the Medlicott Medal is awarded to individuals for outstanding services and current contributions to history.

The Medlicott winner is notified in advance of their win so that they can give a talk. The Historical Associations annual event is becoming a must for local, educational and academic historians.

Past winners include: 

2015 Margaret MacMillansee our interview with Margaret here…

2014 Richard Evanslisten to Richard’s Medlicott lecture here…

2013 David Cannadinewatch our interview with David here…

2012 Bettany Hughes

2011 Michael Wood

2010 Peter Hennessy

2001 David Starkey

2000 Antonia Fraser

1999 Eric Hobsbawm

1998 Patrick Collinson

1997 Roy Jenkins

1996 Irene Collins

1995 John West

1994 R. R. Davies

1993 Marjorie Reeves

1992 Lord Bullock

1991 Neil Cossons

1990 John Fines

1989 Magnus Magnusson

1988 Ragnhild Hatton

1987 Frederick George Emmison

1986 H. R. Loyn

1985 A. G. Dickens