I love history But I've got to think about a CAREER!

Careers Leaflet

Last updated: 20th November 2015

It's easy to see how learning something like IT at school can help you when you start looking for a job.  With a subject like History, it may be harder for you to identify a clear career path.  Sometimes students are even encouraged to drop History in favour of something more ‘practical'. 

In fact, History is very practical, because it involves:

  • Learning about people - how they interact, the motives and emotions that can tear people apart into rival factions or help them to work together for a common cause (useful knowledge for team-building at work!)
  • Learning about countries, societies and cultures - so many of today's conflicts and alliances have their roots in the past; how can you negotiate with, trade successfully with, or report on a country if you know nothing of its history?
  • Learning to locate and sift facts - to identify truth and recognise myth, propaganda and downright lies (useful in every aspect of life!)
  • Presenting what you've learned in a way that makes sense to others - whether in graphs, essays or illustrated reports - and having the confidence to defend your findings.

All these skills are valuable in a whole range of jobs.  So instead of only looking at ‘careers in History' you could also look at careers where it will help a lot if you've studied history.