Introduction to the Careers Units!


Flora Wilson, last updated: 14th September 2009

The ‘online' resources in this area have been designed to enable teachers to deliver careers advice and guidance to students within their history lessons. This is, in many ways, a development of work we have already done with our Choosing History packs, and other resources / projects with which we have been involved.

The idea of the resources is to show students how the skills learnt in History can be applied to a variety of professional and employment contexts, as well as to provide some content through which students can learn about how different times and places have led to different employment patterns and opportunities. Students will be able to see how employment practices have changed, in line with changing social and economic patterns, and study the factors which have led to certain rights and responsibilities in the workplace. In addition, they will learn how valuable their qualifications in History can be!

These resources have been developed with funding and support from the Training and Development Agency for Schools.