Curriculum Issues: Section Guide

Katharine Burn, published 3rd December 2015

The materials in this section are intended to help teachers think about the relationship between academic and school history – using their knowledge of the work of historians and their knowledge of the needs, interests and current abilities of their students to help in devising appropriate curricula and worthwhile activities. 

These materials acknowledge the vital role that reading and writing play in developing and communicating historical knowledge and help teachers to consider the different kinds of historical account that students need to learn to use and to construct for themselves. They show the kinds of strategies that teachers have used, with students of different ages and working at different levels of prior attainment, to enable them to access, enjoy and make use of different kinds of historical texts, learning to ask their own questions as well as answer those posed by others. They also explore different approaches to equipping students to construct their own accounts and arguments, in writing as well as other formats.

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