EU Referendum Pack - for schools

Briefing Pack

Melanie Jones, published 8th June 2016

The Referendum on June 23 about Britain’s future in Europe is big news. Today, a letter against “Brexit” was published by the Guardian signed by 300 historians but in a campaign lacking in actual information from either side about the possible impact of a decision to stay or leave, we at the HA understand the need to make objective decisions based upon the facts. This is why, in partnership with the Association for Citizenship Teaching, we have produced a special briefing pack for use in schools. We know that schools might wish to discuss and debate the issues on both sides of the argument. This handy briefing guide not only provides a basic factual history of the concept of union in Europe as well as links to other resources and guides, but also provides the stimulus for some of the historical and citizenship based questions that you and your students may wish to discuss in order that they can make up their own minds – after all, the outcome of June 23 will affect them too, whichever way the vote goes.