Whole class role play as a tool to engage all abilities

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Steve Mastin, last updated: 5th June 2011

Handouts and Power Points from Steve Mastin's workshop at the HA Annual Conference 2011 


‘What does your character think?'. Whole class role play as a tool to engage all abilities

Steve Mastin

Head of History, Sawston Village College

Role play in lessons can often involve a few pupils at the front of the class. What if a class of 30 could take a role that would last a whole enquiry?   What if each pupil could feel that his/her role is valuable and for each lesson thinks as that character?   What if you could take away a ready made role play for 30 pupils, easy to adapt to suit your class? This workshop will enable you to drive an enquiry using role play whereby pupils become the period being studied.   It is versatile enough to be adapted to any period of study, and second order concepts such as change/continuity, causation, significance.  

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