Working with school-based colleagues

HITT Unit 4

HA, 27th August 2009

The quality of school based mentoring is crucial to high quality ITT. In the words of History HMIs 'The most effective training partnerships were those that wer able to recruit able subject mentors from strong departments, provide them with good quality initial and continuing training, bind them closely to the course and secure their loyalty, furnish them with professional development opportunities and treat them with respect (Baker et al., 2000: 194). How are these things to be achieved?  

Baker, C., Cohn, T. and McLaughlin, M. (2000) Current issues in the training of secondary history teachers, in J. Arthur and R. Phillips (eds) Issues in history teaching, London, Routledge: 191-201.

N.B. This unit was produced before the new curriculum and therefore while much of the advice is still useful, there may be some out of date references or links. 

1. Roles and responsibilities: the place of the school-based subject mentor in ITT

  • 1. Roles and responsibilities: the place of the school mentor in ITT
  • 1.1 How can mentors help to create complementary experiences?

2. What makes a good mentor?

  • 2. What makes a good mentor?
  • 2.1 Unpacking the complexity of teaching
  • 2.2 Opening up own practice for analysis
  • 2.3 Challenge and progression
  • 2.4 Identifying the causes, not the symptoms
  • 2.5 A creative approach to training in school

3. Assessing trainee teachers: the mentor�s role

  • 3. Assessing the trainees: the mentor's role
  • 3.1 Helping mentors to find their way around the Standards
  • 3.2 Effective observation and feedback techniques
  • 3.3 Putting it all together
  • 3.4 Forward planning to help Kevin Keen make progress

4. Selecting mentors

  • 4. Selecting Mentors

5. Training mentors

  • 5. Training mentors
  • 5.1 Helping mentors to help trainees
  • 5.2 Overcoming Obstacles

6. References

  • 6. References

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