The Assessor Angle

An interview with Quality Mark Assessor Alun Morgan

Alun Morgan , last updated: 7th March 2017

As the HA Quality Marks’ second full year draws to a close and we begin to see a number of schools joining the QM community, we decided to have a chat with Quality Mark assessor Alun Morgan for some of his thoughts on the programme. Alun has worked in history education for over 35 years in a variety of roles including teacher, subject leader, deputy head, advisory teacher, adviser, primary ITT tutor and A Level examiner and senior moderator. He has led history training at local, regional, national and international levels with a focus on teaching and learning. In addition, he has worked as an Ofsted inspector and School Improvement Partner. In this short article, Alun discusses what he enjoys about the programme from an assessor's perspective and what has most impressed him about the examples of leadership of history he has seen.