Quality Mark Case Study: The Mount School

Quality Mark Example

Helen Snelson, 16th July 2014

Hello, I am Helen Snelson and I take the lead on History at The Mount School in York.  We are far from a typical school (if such a thing actually exists) being independent, Quaker and all girls.  However, we teach a range of abilities to GCSE and A level, including children with learning support needs.  At Key Stage 3 we follow the National Curriculum and we have extensive experience of state school teaching.  We value hugely the networks and partnerships we have with other subject specialists across the City of York and nationally, through organisations such as the Historical Association.  Our attitude is very much that we are learning all the time how to get better at being history educators. 

Our experience of the History Quality Mark process was very positive.  We will honestly say that it did take some time, but having now been through the whole process we would say ‘stick at it!'  We have thought further about our practice and benefitted from the conversations we have had about history education between ourselves and with the assessor.  We are happy to share anything about the process that you think would be helpful for you.