Thoughts on the QM Process

Some thoughts on the QM process and documentation from The Mount School

The online process - It is very easy to load up docs online.  It will be inevitable that the best written criteria will still leave questions in some minds.  One is always trying to work out a mindset behind them when putting evidence together and, as historians know (and being historians!), things can be interpreted in so many ways.  The criteria look easy to interpret to us now!  We think the idea of having a sample portfolio up there will help.  It's another way of explaining.  We found it quite tricky to find one piece of evidence to hit a point, but think it is important to leave the one piece as a standard.  It took us about three full working days equivalent to do the audit and load up the evidence. 

The admin - Being excellently administered and we'd like to log a BIG think you for that!

The assessment, including  visit - We hadn't grasped that the idea was to only visit people who were pretty sure to get something.  Probably we missed it in the info, but that does mean others could too.  Our assessors were very keen to stress it was not an Ofsted in tone.  Obviously we think it's inevitable that an external assessment feels just like that - even if the assessors smile! 

We've come at it a rather different way.  In cash strapped schools, what is in it for the schools?  Many things and we would emphasise even more the network and partnership opportunities, which will grow as the QM spreads.  In York we are grumpy about the threat to our strong partnerships and working hard to preserve what we can.  We think QM can help.  We also think all history departments should be in networks even if all don't! 

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