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Following the organisation by The Mount School History Department for 24 students from 9 schools across York to take part in the IWM Their Past Your Future visit to Berlin in 2009, we gained a partner school just east of Berlin through UK German-Connection.  We have built up this partnership since then and done joint projects in Berlin and York between Phillip-Melancthon Gymnasium, Mount and Millthorpe Schools.

Projects have included:

  • ‘Significance in European history' a project focused upon what should be regarded as significant enough to be taught in all European schools.
  • ‘Pride and Prejudice' exploring identities and how far they are based in the past (identities of nations, cities, people) - for this project we had a UK-German Connection Challenge Fund grant.
  • ‘Remember? Remember!' a project looking at how and why we remember, case studying: 5th November (UK), 9th November (Ger) and 11th November (UK and beyond)
  • ‘Why Europe?' a project focusing on Europe from historical, political and economic perspectives.

We are currently developing our plans for 2014-15 around ideas of ‘Powerful voices in the early 20th century'.  A project group open to all interested students will work each week after school throughout the Autumn term and then we will host the PMG students in York over a weekend at the end of November. 

You can see lots of reports and other information about the projects online via our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GruenheideYorkPartnership

These projects not only benefit the immediate participants each year.  They also inspire the staff and materials produced have been adapted and reused for York ISSP masterclasses and in history lessons. 


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