Section 4: Achievement

Even allowing for the selective nature of the school, the results achieved are excellent.  The department carries out an extremely close analysis of student achievement including value added, trends and assessment of different types of student.  This comparison includes those with similar schools and, in the vast majority of cases, the department performs better or much better than those in similar schools.  The recent 77% A* to A at GCSE is not untypical.   At A-level in 2015 there was a 100% A and B grade success rate.  The department produces a high number of university applicants including one of the highest proportion of Oxbridge graduates in the school.  It is perhaps a testament to the respect of the department that one of the history teachers is a former student.     IB results are also impressive.

Close attention is paid to student progress in Key Stage 3.   In part this is achieved through a series of common assessment tasks, eg. on the Black Death.  Student progress is carefully monitored.  Detailed comments and marking takes place and a particularly impressive aspect is the student’s personal comment and feedback which is often well-thought out.  The department is also excellent at identifying issues affecting individual students and these are given proper attention at departmental meetings.

Classroom displays celebrate student success and enrichment.

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