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The Great Debate 2019

The Great Debate 2019 is now over. To register your school’s interest in taking part next year, or for any other queries, please email

Completed Heats

  • Birmingham, Finalist: Shivanii
  • Bradford, Finalist: Catherine Voronina
  • Bristol, Finalist: Beth Eastwood-Dewing
  • Buckinghamshire, Finalist: Heather Lawrence
  • Canterbury, Finalist: Sam Grindlay (NB: Due to Sam being unable to make the final, runner-up Joao Costa attended in his place.)
  • Chichester, Finalist: Chinat Yu
  • Cornwall, Finalist: Keiran Eyre
  • Dorset, Finalist: Erika Dovey
  • Lincoln, Finalist: Grace O’ Brien
  • London, Central, Finalist: Matthew Rock
  • London, Digital, Finalist: Max Spokes
  • Merseyside, Finalist: Olivia Salem
  • Nuneaton, Finalist: Will Peet
  • Oxford, Finalist: Ryan Helsby
  • Peterborough, Finalist: Polly Brown
  • Sheffield, Finalist: Louis Hatchell-Tree
  • Shropshire, Finalist: Elsa Marshall
  • South London, Finalist: Caitlin Farrell
  • West Surrey, Finalist: Tristan Nowell
  • York, Finalist: Charlotte Dean