Secondary workshop resources – HA Conference 2017

Published: 1st June 2017

Presentations and handouts from HA Annual Conference 2017

Handouts and presentations from secondary workshops that took place at the HA Annual Conference 2017 in Manchester.

The HA Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to join the history community on a weekend of expert CPD and engaging history. In the Secondary pathway you can hear from the experts behind the Teaching History articles and textbooks on the best strategies to support your students and discover new ways to approach your teaching. 

The resources published here are the property of the workshop presenters and publication does not necessarily imply the HA’s approval of the opinions expressed in the session or its resources. Workshop presenters were asked to confirm that the work presented was their own, that all contributors were properly acknowledged and that they had permission to use any other exemplar materials.

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  • Making mentoring work in history in a changing landscape
  • A-level for the New, Novice and/or Nervous!
  • Embedding GCSE History of Medicine
  • Curriculum coherence into the new GCSE: best practice for KS3 History
  • WWFD? What would Figes do? Using an academic historian as the gold standard in the feedback loop
  • ‘Therefore’, ‘so’, ‘because’, ‘So what?’ Strategies for mastery of historical argument and analytical thinking at A-level
  • Responsive teaching: best practice formative assessment in history
  • The role of historical sites in the new GCSE
  • Women at the centre of history
  • What does SLT need to know?
  • Helping A-level students make reasoned judgements in their argumentative writing
  • Using film to develop literacy skills in history
  • Developing period awareness at Key Stage 3
  • The heart of history: practical approaches to teaching about historical interpretation
  • Making history stick
  • How backseat driving helped me meet the needs of the weaker learners in my classroom
  • ‘Like a really good book and you want to know more’: involving students in historical enquiries at Key Stage 3
  • Using ASDAN’s History Short Course with SEND learners
  • Grammar. Nazis. Historically rigorous approaches to integrating literacy into lessons
  • How to do a local study in four easy steps
  • Myth, mystery, history? building interpretation skills from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4
  • ‘Cherishe ye Calais better than it is’: aliens and migrants in medieval England
  • Loyalty and dissent: South Asia in the First World War