Black British heritage film project rolled out in schools

Published 26th November 2014

Filmmakers have joined forces with teachers to craft a project for schools based on a new documentary that uncovers the hidden history of African and Caribbean Second World war veterans. It's the brainchild of ex-broadcast journalist and university lecturer Marc Wadsworth, who has a contemporary British history masters from King's College, London. Wadsworth embarked on the project as a tribute to his late father who joined the RAF in Jamaican during the war, alongside more 16,000 others, returned to the island afterwards and then came back to Britain in 1948 on the former troop ship the Empire Windrush. Half a dozen Southwark, south London, schools have run the project, with great enthusiasm from students and staff. And the local education authority has been so keen to back it they pitched in with money given to each school to help with funding. More schools have expressed an interest. They choose either photography or video as a vehicle to depict war veterans to whom their students are introduced. First the film is screened, followed by workshops, assemblies and exhibitions based on the project. Here's the website about it...

Wadsworth can be contacted by email: