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  • Sheffield Branch Programme

    Sheffield Branch Programme 2021-22       Thursday 7th October.  AGM and Lecture.  Dr. Jenny Stephenson – “Water’s Turbulent History”   Saturday 16th October.  Event.  Bowls Clubs and Snooker Halls of Old Sheffield Town   Saturday/Sunday 23rd/24th October.   Event.  Coventry, Stratford and Kenilworth Castle   Thursday 11th November. The...
    Sheffield Branch Programme
  • Out and About in Oxford

      Journal article
    The Sheffield Branch of the Historical Association is a very active one. In addition to our monthly meetings we organise a range of study visits, from one-day trips to longer residential tours in the UK and occasionally in mainland Europe. In recent years, these have included visits to Portsmouth, Lincoln and Newark, Newcastle and Northumberland, and the battlefields of Waterloo....
    Out and About in Oxford
  • Bristol and the Slave Trade

      Classic Pamphlet
    Captain Thomas Wyndham of Marshfield Park in Somerset was on voyage to Barbary where he sailed from Kingroad, near Bristol, with three ships full of goods and slaves thus beginning the association of African Trade and Bristol. In the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Bristol was not a place of...
    Bristol and the Slave Trade
  • Starting a new Branch

      Organising and running an HA branch
    The Historical Association and its branches Branches have been an essential part of the Historical Association since it began. They exist in all parts of the United Kingdom and take a variety of forms. A branch provides a local forum to bring together all those with an interest in history:...
    Starting a new Branch
  • Exeter Branch History

      Branch History
    A Brief History of the Exeter BranchExeter was one of the seventeen pre-First World War branches, founded in November 1906, the same year as the Historical Association itself. The Exeter branch was founded by Professor Walter (W.J.) Harte who became President of the (national) Historical Association 1932-36. Harte was appointed...
    Exeter Branch History
  • HA Branches in Yorkshire and the Humber

      Branch details by region
    Hull & East Riding Branch Meetings start at 7.30pm at The Danish Church, Osborne St, Hull HU2 2PN unless otherwise stated in the programme. For more information please contact the Programme Secretary on  Hull & East Riding Branch Programme   Sheffield Branch For further details about Sheffield Branch meetings, please contact...
    HA Branches in Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Manchester Branch History

      Branch History
    Manchester Branch is proud of its role in the foundation of the Historical Association (HA) in 1906.  Professor Thomas Frederick Tout and others at Manchester University had been discussing the idea of forming an Association to promote the teaching of a more relevant and vibrant form of history than was...
    Manchester Branch History
  • Canterbury Branch History

      Branch History
    Although active between the wars, the Canterbury Branch had faded into oblivion by the 1960s.The arrival of the University of Kent at Canterbury brought about the Branch's revival in 1971-1972, led by Peter Roberts, Grayson Ditchfield and Donald Read, and a programme was arranged for 1972 -3.   Among those on...
    Canterbury Branch History
  • Portsmouth Branch History

      Branch History
    See the current Portsmouth Branch programme of events Portsmouth's Branch "Minutes Book No. 2" of the years 1946 -1981 is in the city Record Office. It records a Jubilee Dinner held in 1974: so the Branch was founded in 1924. Sadly, no "Minutes Book No. 1" has come to light....
    Portsmouth Branch History
  • Birmingham Branch 1907-2007

      Branch History
    The Branch was founded in May 1907, a few months after the Historical Association was established. The founding Branch President was Professor John Masterman, Professor of History (1902-09) in the University of Birmingham's Department of Commerce, as it was designated in those days. He was one of several historians in...
    Birmingham Branch 1907-2007
  • Nuneaton Branch History

      Branch History
    The  Nuneaton Branch of the H.A. was originally founded in November 1919 as one part of a county wide Warwickshire branch.  Instrumental in this was the editor of the Nuneaton Chronicle, Albert Francis Cross, assisted by local doctor turned local historian, Edward Nason. After this arrangement ended Nuneaton was re-founded...
    Nuneaton Branch History
  • Reading Branch History

      Branch History
    Brief outline history of the Reading Branch of the Historical AssociationReading is one of the places to have had a branch before the First World War, between 1908 and 1911 as was shown in The Historian, ‘The Branches of the Historical Association 1906-2006'. The story of the current Reading Branch,...
    Reading Branch History
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Branch History

      Branch History
    History of the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Branch of the Historical AssociationThe Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole branch of the HA was founded in December 1922 and has been in existence ever since. Its history can be followed in the annual reports sent to HQ, in the complete set of committee...
    Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Branch History
  • Prehistoric Bristol

      Classic Pamphlet
    This period is represented in the valley of the Bristol Avon by the Acheulian industries, named from the type station of St. Acheul in the Somme valley, which has yielded many ovate and pear-shaped hand-axes characteristic of the period. These industries flourished during the very long Second Interglacial phase, a...
    Prehistoric Bristol
  • 70 years of the Isle of Wight Branch

      1st July 2020
    In June 2020 the HA Isle of Wight branch celebrated its 70th birthday. Here, Honorary Secretary of the branch Terry Blunden looks back at the history and development of the branch since 1950. Although the Historical Association was formed in 1906 sixteen years elapsed before a branch was established on...
    70 years of the Isle of Wight Branch
  • Contact your branch

    Bath Mr M Short 01225 812 945 Beckenham & Bromley Mrs A Wagstaff 020 8777 7742 Bedford Mr J Collett-White 01234 266 839 Bolton Ms Melissa Wright 07912 369060 Bournemouth Dr R Hill 0300 100 0223 Bristol Ms M Feerick 0117 9442896 Buckinghamshire Terry...
    Contact your branch
  • 100 not out: the Nuneaton branch centenary

      HA News
    For the 2018–19 season, the Nuneaton Branch of the HA is celebrating its centenary. Founded in 1919, by 1921 there were 78 members. In 1924, members went on a ‘charabanc’ tour of Leicestershire churches, ending at Fenny Drayton, where they joined in the celebrations for the tercentenary of the birth...
    100 not out: the Nuneaton branch centenary
  • HA Branches in London

      Branch details by region
    Central London Branch Lectures start at 2pm on Saturdays at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, University of London, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU except where otherwise stated in the programme.  Lectures are free to H.A. Members - £3 non- Members. For further information, please contact the Secretary Mrs. Chrissie...
    HA Branches in London
  • Essex Branch History

      Branch History
    Essex Branch - Early DaysEssex Branch was founded in 1920 or earlier and was active continuously until 1936.  In 1920-1 the president was H. de Havilland of The Manor House, Great Horkesley, and the secretary Mr. E.T. Baldwin of Earls Colne Grammar School.  There were 56 branch members and 8...
    Essex Branch History
  • Hampstead & North West London Branch Programme

    Hampstead & North West London Branch Programme 2021-22 We normally meet in Fellowship House (FH) at 8pm on the third Thursday of the month. We hope FH will re-open by September but, if not, we will substitute Zoom meetings.  At David Stevenson’s request, we have in any case agreed his...
    Hampstead & North West London Branch Programme
  • The Norfolk and Norwich Branch History

      Branch History
    The Norfolk and Norwich Branch - a short historyThe branch was founded in 1920, at the instigation of two local teachers, W. J. Blake (the father the famous historian, Robert, Lord Blake) and Walter Stephenson, the father of our most long-serving (1941-1962) president, Andrew Stephenson, who was himself a distinguished...
    The Norfolk and Norwich Branch History
  • Beckenham & Bromley Branch Programme

    Beckenham & Bromley Branch Programme 2021-22   Entry to meetings is free for HA members and £2 for visitors. Associate membership of the branch is £10 for 2021/2022 or £17.50 with our monthly news bulletin, the Beckenham Historian All meetings take place at 7.45 p.m. in Christ Church, Fairfield Road,...
    Beckenham & Bromley Branch Programme
  • Mid-Trent & Mercia Branch Programme

    Mid-Trent & Mercia Branch Programme 2022-23 3 October 2022 10.30am -12.30pm Sutton Coldfield Town Hall B73 6DA Very Modern History: the Caribbean   8 October 2022 10am -12 noon 2022-23 Burton History Saturdays begin at Burton Library DE14 1AH Key Treasures that have shaped our Understanding of the Past -1...
    Mid-Trent & Mercia Branch Programme
  • Bath Branch Programme

    Bath Branch Programme 2021-22   Entry to lectures is free for national HA members and Bath branch local members who have paid an annual subscription. Visitors are asked to pay £3 per lecture.   For further information please contact Mike Short, branch secretary, or 01225 812945.   Lectures begin...
    Bath Branch Programme
  • North London Branch Programme

      Branch Programme
    North London Branch Programme 2021-22   Chairman: Councillor Michael Rye OBE, BA(Hons), PGCE, F.Coll.P., NPQH, FHA.   All meetings will be held at 8pm.  Except in January and February we plan to meet at the Jubilee Hall, Parsonage Lane, Enfield, EN2 0AJ.  If circumstances change, meetings may have to be...
    North London Branch Programme