Student Handbook to Undergraduate History at University

History Skills: 2nd edition – a student's handbook, by Mary Abbott [ed], Routledge, 2009; ISBN: 978 0 415 46690 5

This is an update of an earlier work, with added sections on the world of electronics and data. The book is aimed at those going into Higher Education, and taking their first degree. It carefully highlights the difference between the worlds of school and University, between A-levels and a degree course. It is full of practical, helpful, supportive advice – the kind I wish I had had when I went to University but which back then I would probably have been too pig-headed to follow! How to make notes, how to use a University library, what is expected in a seminar... a tutorial... a lecture – all delivered in an easy non-preaching manner that is effortless to read.

If you are making the transition from school to University then this book will definitely help. Read it before you go it will help you to make sure you are doing the right thing after all, the biggest drop out rate at University is in the first term. Essential support to help you make that big step.