HA Webinar: A history teacher’s ‘markbook’

Meaningful and useable assessment in the secondary history classroom

Event Type: CPD

Takes Place: 10th July 2024

Time: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Venue: Zoom

Description: This session will consider what it might be most useful for history teachers to keep a record of over the course of a year. Every time we read pupils’ work or listen to what they have to say about history, we learn more about their knowledge of, and relationship with, the past. But what might it be most useful for us to capture, and how might we do this most efficiently? 

How to book: Booking online via the Cademy link below or via the bulk booking form to get a discount.

Price: £38 HA member, £63 non-member (bulk booking discount available). An extra fee is added if this is booked on Cademy.

Email: events@history.org.uk

Website: https://historical-association.cademy.co.uk/ha-webinar-a-history-teacher-s-markbook

Lecturer: Jonathan Grande

Comments: Joining details are emailed to the registered attendee 1 week before the webinar with a reminder on the day. If you register within a week of the webinar you will receive this on the day only. A time-limited recording will be emailed within 2 working days

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