LGBTQ+ History Month

The study of history allows historians to explore the past in many ways and for many reasons. In recent years the debates around understanding wider histories, or less narrow interpretations of history, and the people who are part of it have been important. It is not that the past was straightforward, it is just that it was often presented in a simple and straightforward way – at least it was to the layman. To the historian the past has always been diverse, complex and multi-faceted. That is why some of the months that have been adopted over recent years can be so important – while a diverse, complicated and inclusive history should be explored throughout the year, a themed month can help to highlight areas of history that may be unfamiliar to many.

Not only is LGBTQ+ history often unfamiliar to many groups, but the fact that the language around sexuality and gender identification has changed across time, in different cultures and with different levels of exclusion, legal constraint and societal acceptance means that it has frequently been hidden or ignored.

Over the years the Historical Association has started to gather a selection of articles, resources and podcasts that explore LGBTQ+ histories in the UK and sometimes in other cultures. This work is ongoing, changing, and complicated. We are proud to have been doing this for some time and to be constantly reviewing and re-examining LGBTQ+ history and its presentation. We are in the process of commissioning some more that we hope to bring you later in the year. After all, the month is the start of an opportunity, not the end of the discussion.



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