Young Historian Awards 2016 - Winners

HA Competition News

By Paula Kitching, published 28th October 2016

It's that time of year again when we celebrate the future of history by recognising young historians.

Each year the Historical Association partners with the Spirit of Normandy Trust to award young historians who have shown excellent knowledge and demonstrated historical argument around a subject associated with a series of themes. The competition is divided into age brackets and the entry at secondary level is by essay judged by a team of independent educators and experts. The entry at Primary level can be by school and group project.

We are happy to announce that this year's winners are:


St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School, Fradley, Staffordshire

Pupils at this village school, which adjoins the former RAF airfield at Fradley have explored the visual and oral evidence which survives, with strong indications of individual initiative in what was recorded.

Secondary - Key Stage 3

Isabella Prince, Framlingham College, Suffolk

The Devlopment of Radar

This is a very throroughly researched investigation into the development of radar and how it was used to hugely beneficial effect during the Second World War.


Secondary  -  First World War – essay

Theo Horch, Wilson’s School, Wallington, Surrey

Communication on the First World War battlefield

His work was an exploration into various forms of communication used during the Great War, with his conclusion being that the most effective was the deployment of American Indian Choctaw-speakers, whose language was unrecognisable to German intercepters.

Secondary - Local History

Two winners:

Emily Corkish, Ramsey Grammar School, Isle of Man

Historic sites of the Second World War on the Isle of Man

This is a fascinating and detailed survey of all the still-surviving Second World War sites of military, airforce and naval significance on the Isle of Man.

Millie Crewe, Framlingham College, Suffolk

The changing shape of Suffolk

She has examined the transformation of the coastline at Dunwich in Suffolk over the centuries, basically exploring how the town has been washed away.


Secondary - Family History

Nell Davies, Ramsey Grammar School, Isle of Man

War, captivity and love.

She explained the life of her German Prisoner of War great-grandfather who, having been captured in 1944, fell in love with a Welsh widow and settled in Britain.


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Bolton School: Boys Division, Bolton, Lancashire