Secondary workshop resources – HA Conference 2016

Published: 1st June 2016

Presentations and handouts from HA Annual Conference 2016

Handouts and presentations from secondary workshops that took place at the HA Annual Conference 2016 in Harrogate.

The HA Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to join the history community on a weekend of expert CPD and engaging history. In the Secondary pathway you can hear from the experts behind the Teaching History articles and textbooks on the best strategies to support your students and discover new ways to approach your teaching. 

The resources published here are the property of the workshop presenters and publication does not necessarily imply the HA’s approval of the opinions expressed in the session or its resources. Workshop presenters were asked to confirm that the work presented was their own, that all contributors were properly acknowledged and that they had permission to use any other exemplar materials.

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  • Teaching 2016 GCSE and making it stick
  • How Key Stage 3 can help thematic study at Key Stage 4
  • British values and identities
  • Life in the trenches: a cross-curricular approach to the Battle of the Somme
  • Lasting learning: Suggestions for how to make ‘stuff’ stick!
  • Ultimate history and immaculate perception: Interpretations 16-19
  • Taking the temperature – how close are you to boiling point? Self-evaluating history departments
  • Deep substantive knowledge is the friend of history teachers - do you agree with this statement?
  • ‘Feet, hands, blood and breath': Helping students to understand the making of America
  • Polishing and protecting the curriculum jewel of ‘interpretations’ (plural)
  • Thinking thematically at GCSE
  • An Introduction to Planning, Teaching and Assessing the New AQA GCSE History
  • The elephant in the room: knowledge. How can knowledge help us in long-term planning and assessment? 
  • ‘You’ve got to be joking’: using the satire of The Wipers Times trench newspaper to wipe away a false sense of period
  • Nurturing aspirations for elite universities
  • Teaching the Crusades beyond KS3: GCSE and A-level