Teaching History 194: Climate and Environment

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

Published: 27th March 2024

In this edition of Teaching History

03 Editorial (Read article)

04 HA Secondary News

06 HA Update

08 The potential of secondary history to respond to the current ecological and climate crisis – Michael Riley and Alison Kitson (Read article)

13 History and the climate crisis: Bristol history teachers explore environmental history in the classroom – Kate Hawkey, Paula Worth, David Rawlings and Dan Warner-Meanwell (Read article)

22 When did humans take over the world? A big history approach to teaching climate change – Peter Langdon (Read article)

32 Learning history outside the classroom in an age of climate crisis – Helen Snelson and Adrian Gonzalez (Read article)

39 Industrialisation, energy and the climate crisis – Alison Kitson and Nebiat Michael (Read article)

46 What Have Historians Been Arguing About… climate history – Amanda Power (Read article)

50 Equestrian comrades and an octopus of mud: bringing environmental history into the classroom – Verity Morgan (Read article)

61 Cunning Plan... for teaching about climate change through the history curriculum – Nebiat Michael and Nini Visscher (Read article)

68 The place of the ‘standing people’ in the curriculum: how including histories of trees can connect the past with the present and the future – Barbara Trapani (Read article)

76 Move Me On: trainee is worried about how to deal with students’ current concerns when teaching about the history of climate change (Read article)

80 Mummy, Mummy...

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